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How Gloomy Can You Get?

Posted: November 22, 2014

The sky is gray, the tea is cold, and a new tragedy lies around every corner . . .

In Gloom, you control the fate of a family of macabre characters and try your hardest to give them the gloomiest experience ever, all the while trying to cheer up the other families. May the most miserable soul win!

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Daily Illuminator

The Daily Illuminator: 20 Years Of Beta

November 22, 2014

So: The blog you're reading has been running for 20 years. Really. In fact, the Daily Illuminator is far older than the word "blog," or even the descriptive term . . . Read More

The Daily Illuminator, Sam Kieth, Mike Mignola, June Lockhart, And Me

November 21, 2014

When I was asked to write about my experiences with the Daily Illuminator my very first thought was: "The Daily Illuminator changed my life!" One benefit to being . . . Read More

Paul Chapman On The DI

November 20, 2014

My first Daily Illuminator was in July of 2001, I think. Back then, only SJ and Andrew (wearing his managing editor hat) signed their posts with regularity, so it's . . . Read More

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